Viva Vigan Binatbatan Festival 2011


Hello trippers! This post has been quite late because I was a little bit busy and really needed a free time to do this. One thing more, editing video is time-consuming that I even asked for multiple days-off and vacation leave just to finish it. Huh! One thing more, when I already had the time, there was a problem in the blogger platform because it can not load the "page creator" page but I can browse other sites. However, at least I'm back. Hehe.

Well, Binatbatan Festival this year is a little bit stressful but enjoyable because the street dancing started at the 3 pm under the scorching summer heat and ended up 'til night! Huh!

The final showdown was finished the next day already and that was non-stop. May 7 was the start of the street dancing and in a continuous manner ended up on the dawn of May 8! Quite long, stressful and horrible! They must have started it at morning to accommodate the program.

Anyway tripper, here is my official video show for this event and 10 minutes was too short to show all the events. Blame it to YouTube, they only allow not more than 15 minutes in every single video. Lol!




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