My First Puffer Fish Encounter


It was a Black Saturday and we celebrated the end of the Lent with my cousins, aunts and my bro in Mindoro Beach in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines until my "usisero" eyes saw something. The fishermen of Mindoro are joining hands in unloading the boat from the sea. I tried to approach them and I discovered that they had no plenty of catch. But, two poor fishes were captured - they are the Puffer Fish which is my first time to encounter - a poisonous/killer fish but according to the fishermen, they will eat them!

In fact, Puffer Fish, locally known as "Butete" is popular in Japan but this fish has killed a lot of eaters there. Aside from being a killer fish, it is also very expensive in the restaurants. Now, it was a great opportunity for me to see this kind of fish and because of the overwhelming feelings I experienced, I made my own short film/documentary regarding this fish.




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